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Welcome to The Real World of Cyber Threat Hunting


The cyber threat hunter role is becoming increasingly essential in the contemporary venture, as companies make every effort to remain ahead of the most up to date dangers and also apply quick action to reduce possible damages resulting from cyber strikes

SPD Security

SPD Security for protection and defense operating in the complying with areas

Health care

Health-focused organizations encounter one-of-a-kind cybersecurity obstacles that can also quickly disrupt their mission of delivering individual treatment.

Public Field

Vital services that maintain our area running demand strong defenses as they come under increasingly innovative assaults.

Education and learning

Cybersecurity cases at institutions can lead to recognize theft, devastation of college records as well as building, school closures, and also much more.


No network is 100% protected, and preventative controls were really never ever enough versus cyberattacks.

Regulation Firms

Lawful risk and also cyber risk are similar. Neither can be removed however the ideal actions can help take care of the danger to an appropriate degree.

Our Services


Our full range of products and services doesn’t leave any space for malicious outrages.

Website Monitoring

check Website uptime monitoring

check Full page load

check Transaction monitoring

check Web stresser test

Server Monitoring

check CPU

check Memory

check Disk

check Network

check Bandwidth

check TCP

Network Monitoring

check Switches

check Phone Systems

check Servers

Types of monitoring

check Application Monitoring

check Cloud Monitoring

check Custom Monitoring

About Us

We Are The Best Cyber Security Company On The Market

A fully integrated system provides live updates and complete security on any level of your network, from the internet connection till any connected device.

check Full data transfer encryption

check Real time threat prevention

check Crysis management and restore

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With a wide variety of plans we can fit the needs of any company.

15'372 Websites hacked daily

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SPD group can help you to catch intruders in minutes, not months.